Our chefs have studied and trained under classical French Cuisine with their modern understanding in separate cuisines which gave birth to a menu presiding all other kitchens and being unique to our own character. The food has it's own separate soul and is able to speak for it self.


Proud winners of Highly Commended for Time Out's Best Breakfast in Abu Dhabi. We offer an extravagant selection of breakfast items. On the egg front, you can enjoy a selection of Benedict's and Royales, with side offerings such as Smoked Salmon, five-hour glazed ribs of Steak & Eggs or Mexican Guacamole, or enjoy a taste of the Middle East with baked Persian Fatteh Eggs or Shakshouka with Sujuk. You can keep it light with the Avocado and Honey Yoghurt Bowl and the Chia Coconut Pudding, or make your way through the bakery menu, which includes flaky croissants and a range of breads, with even more Middle Eastern inspired dishes, like the Zaatar Burrata or the Foul & Halloumi.


Table Otto rustles up pizzas and pastas with intriguing twists such as the Hot Honey Pepperoni Pizza and Penne Labneh Arabiata. The one-of-a-kind Texas Toast Beef Bites, Chicken Fettah salad and the Short Rib Musakhan Rolls also give the culinary team an opportunity to show off their avant-garde ideas and skilled techniques, alongside the Pita Baked Short Rib Barbacoa and the Baked Lemon Zaatar Chicken.


Prepare to embark on a culinary adventure with Table Otto’s exquisite variety of international flavours, now accessible on leading delivery platforms Talabat and Deliveroo. If you are in Dubai or Al Ain you can savour our mouth-watering Brick Oven Pizzas, creamy Pastas, and irresistible Banoffee Cheesecakes – all delivered to your doorstep for a cozy at-home dining experience!